Does My Cat Need a Collar if it is Microchipped?

In a word, yes! Microchips are essential to keeping track of your pet, and if they ever get lost, hurt, or mistaken for a stray, it is the primary way a vet or shelter will be able to track you down and reunite you.

However, microchips are not failsafe!

  • We cannot see a chip, so a cat with no collar can be mistaken for a stray and picked up.
  • Sometimes, chips move or even work their way out over time, so your microchip might not still be in place.

You can use some great products to keep your kitty safe, such as a microchip cat flap.

These chip cat flaps are programmed to recognise your cat's chip, and therefore allow them free reign in and out of the house without allowing strange cats in, or presenting a security risk of an unlocked cat flap when you're not at home.

What Collar is Safest for My Cat?

Fortunately, there is a vast range of cat collars to choose from. These add a layer of safety, and so if your cat does get separated from home, anybody who picks them up will know they are a pet.

You can also add a tag to a collar with your phone number so the owner can be found quickly.

  • Reflective cat collars are best for areas near roads and mean that kitties are highly visible to cars, even in the dead of night.
  • Quick release cat collars are ideal for cats that like to climb and explore - you can release the collar fast if they find themselves snagged or stuck.

The trick is to look for a durable, weather-resistant collar that has a perfect fit. Too loose, and it could slip off or get caught when your cat is grooming. Too tight, and it will restrict your cat's movements and possibly cause serious harm.

For a comprehensive range of the best cat collars on the market, take a look at the AllPetSolutions range today!