Does a Cat Collar Need to Have a Bell?

There are two primary reasons that felines wear a cat collar with bell attachments:

  • To be heard for their own safety.
  • To be heard for other animal's safety!

One of the most common troublesome kitty behaviours is bringing home dead (or half-dead) rodents, lizards and birds, and it can be distressing for owners to need to manage.

Bells on collars don't just mean you can find your feline when they are hiding in the darkest corner of the garage, but also that prey can hear them coming!

For pet owners in rural areas, where there are endangered species, or who own other animals, this can be vital in choosing a cat collar.

Do Cats Find Collars with Bells Uncomfortable?

No! Well made cat collars usually have an ID tag, bell or phone number to ensure that if your moggie ever strays away from home, you can be quickly reunited.

Provided the bell is secure, and won't catch on your cat's claws when grooming, they will soon get used to the collar and probably forget it is there!

Remember that the bells on cat collars aren't loud, braying sounds, but a quiet tinkle when they run or move fast. This is ideal for warning smaller animals they are on the prowl, without being a nuisance to your cat!

Our Black Cat Collar with Safety Release Buckle is an excellent all-rounder, ideal for indoor or outdoor cats.

Can I Get a Reflective Cat Collar with a Bell?

You certainly can! Reflective collars are another safety precaution and mean your cat is easy to see if they are near moving vehicles.

We'd also recommend looking for a quick release cat collar, which is crucial to safety if your kitty becomes caught, or snags their collar on something while on their adventures.

The Ancol High Vis Reflective Cat Collar comes with a tiny bell, a safety buckle, and a reflective pattern for the ultimate safety features.

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