A Cat Christmas List

A Cats Christmas list‚

Christmas is fast approaching and for us cat lovers we all see this as an opportunity to bribe our cats into loving us. We are all looking for the purrrfect present and here is a little list of the 5 best presents for your feline friends.

1. Cat Bed

 All of us know that when our cats are not running around, they are sleeping in weird places so why not by them their own hiding place where they can spend their time rather than under the bed. For a cat bed they need to look more appealing than the box for the Christmas tree. You could have a cube bed that is small and closed or a multiway sofa bed they are open and ready for that cat that enjoys being spread out.

2. Cat Bed Warmers

Cat Bed Warmers would make the cat bed even better; this would mean that they can hide away and they would have a heated mattress which stay warm for up to 10 hours!

3. Cat Stands

Not just any tree, a cat tree. These are climbing frames for you cat, with areas they can enjoy a nap from. We have a wide range of Cat Stands, trees and scratching posts that can be bought to extend and replace the original.

4. Cat Toys

As Cats are not like dogs where we can take them out on a run, they have their own free will and run around as they please so why not get a cat toy and cover this in catnip! We have a wide range of toys that come pre-stuffed with catnip which will cause your cat to go mad!

5. Cat Treats

If you have a less active cat or an older cat you could also win them over with some healthy cat treats such at Pet Munchies or Dreamies! This is a nice way to spend a Christmas evening with your pet while you drink you hot chocolate and you can has a munch on the sofa with you.

These are all festive ways to ensure you cat knows that you do love them and these are also all safe and pet approved. To keep up to date with special offers and promotions follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter