Find Your Perfect Cat Breed

With millions of cat breeds to choose from, it can feel like an impossible task to work out what moggie will be best for your family; and will be happiest living in your home!

Let's look at breeding cats, which are the most popular, and the best cat breeds for families with other pets or small children.

Looking After Large Cat Breeds

The first thing to think about isn't how fluffy their coat is, or how charming their face - it's the practicalities. Felines are incredible companions and bring friendship, comfort, laughter and love to every home.

However, they do need taking good care of. You should consider:

  • The size of your home, whether you have outdoor space, and other cats, dogs or kids who are already part of your family.
  • Veterinary fees, medical costs, and essentials like defleaing, spaying, worming and vaccinations.
  • Grooming - the biggest cat breeds like a Maine Coon look astonishingly beautiful, but also require a long-term commitment to caring for their coat.
  • Health conditions - some of the more exotic cat breeds like Ragdolls Persians or Siamese need extra care and attention and may be prone to health conditions that you'll need to be prepared to manage.

Easiest Breeds of Cats to Care For

So we'll come out and say it; the best breeds of cats are often moggies. They're no less loving, or lovable, but millions of kitties every year desperately need a good home. 

If you're able to consider a rescue, you might not get as wide a choice of specific cat breeds, but you'll be caring for a feline who needs your love the most.

Rescue centres will always discuss your home environment and the perfect cat breeds for you, so you don't need to worry about rehoming a kitten that, long-term, isn't the right breed for your family.

Best Cat Breeds for Families

Whether you're visiting professionals who are breeding cats of a particular type or choosing a kitten to complete your home, they will all have different characteristics.

For example - if you want a friendly, sociable cat that's good with children, and can offer them outdoor space and weekly grooming, you can consider a wide range of cat breeds.

From a wild at heart Bengal to a classic British Shorthair or even an elegant Russian Blue, you'll find lots of breeds to win over your heart.