Bunnies are Not Just for Easter!

Bunnies are Not Just for Easter!

There is little cuter than a tiny Easter bunny and watching your baby bunny learn to run, jump and play.

Still, rabbits can live for up to around nine years as pets, so it's vital never to collect any bunnies for sale on a whim!

Easter is a key time of year when so many people pick up a cute bunny and realise they do take work and need suitable bunny houses. Not to mention vets bills, food, hay, straw and cleaning out...

The AllPetSolutions team has put together some essential information, so you know what you'll need to be prepared for your baby bunny.

Rabbit Care Essentials

If you're excited to welcome a cute bunny into your home, there are a few things you will require:

  1. A safe, weatherproof hutch with plenty of room to roam about. The best hutches have separate spaces, usually with the most enclosed area used as their bedroom and the rest of the hutch for eating and playing.
  2. A run - rabbits need plenty of exercise! You can't keep a baby bunny locked in their hutch all the time, so they'll need a large run, either attached to the cage or detachable. If the latter, you need to ensure you give them plenty of playtime every day.
  3. Cleaning materials. Rabbits need organised homes and can become very stressed if their hutch is dirty. So you'll need newspaper or wood shavings, with lots of bedding hay, and to clean out the hutch at least weekly.
  4. Food - rabbits need a high-fibre diet, with lots of loose hay and leafy greens. You can buy rabbit pellets, but these should be supplementary food, not their sole diet.
  5. Love - lots of it! No matter the age of your bunnies for sale, they thrive with company, attention and care. Many rabbits live with a friend or a guinea pig, but make sure you check they're friendly and compatible so you don't end up dealing with bunny disputes that can become dangerous.

While an Easter bunny will be with you for around the next ten years, if you give them all the care they need, a rabbit can make a brilliant addition to your family.