Why Do Birds Stop Coming to Feeders?

There's little better than waking up to the sight of tiny wings bathing in your bird baths or seeing chicks visiting your bird feeder to stock up on their tasty treats.

But, if birds suddenly stop coming to your garden, it can be disappointing.

Today AllPetSolutions explains some of the common reasons local birds stop visiting your birds boxes and what you can do to entice them back!

Make Sure Food for Birds is Fresh

The number one reason birds look elsewhere is because your food for birds is stale.

Unfortunately, even the best quality seeds for feeding the birds can become dry and dusty - so stock up on some shiny, crunchy Bird Food, and you'll be dazzled with colourful feathers again soon!

Give Your Birds Boxes a Clean

Over time, your bird feeder can build up dirt and mould, making the local birds turn their beaks.

If you give your bird baths and feeders a clean or buy a beautiful new Bird Feeder, you'll get rid of any bacteria or old seed residue and make it a fresh spot for a garden snack.

Keep Your Bird Feeder Safe From Predators

Feeding the birds is wonderful, but abundant spilt seeds and fresh food can attract predators to your garden.

If you've seen more foxes, cats or aggressive bird species in your outdoor spaces, the birds might be avoiding it because they can't eat safely.

You can pick up mounted nesting boxes in our Bird Accessories selection to keep baby chicks out of reach, or choose a bird feeder with a seed tray and baffle (a panel that prevents animals from climbing up your bird feeder) to solve the problem.

Change Up Your Food for Birds

Finally, you might have fewer birdie visitors if there is plentiful natural food or because the birds are weighing up their options!

Try mixing different bird seeds, hanging suet balls or putting your feeder somewhere easier to find, and you'll entice back beaked taste buds pretty soon.