Best Winter Blankets for Your Dog

Soft, snuggly Dog Blankets are an excellent way for your pup to relax, calm their senses and recover from a busy day of playing! Whether you're after easy-clean puppy blankets to manage those occasional accidents or need a warm dog blanket for your pet's crate, something you can chuck in the washing machine is ideal.

Do Dogs Need Blankets in the Winter?

Shorter-coated breeds and dogs that feel the cold (think greyhounds, frenchies and chihuahuas) need cosy dog blankets to help them stay warm overnight, particularly if your Dog Beds are exposed to any draughts or cold spots.

It's also important to provide puppy blankets for younger dogs our Puppy Gift Set in Rose Pink is a gorgeous choice for smaller pups and will help them stay toasty on the coldest winter nights.

However, even larger breeds and dogs with long coats appreciate having a blanket as a safe space for sleeping and those all-important naps.

What Kind of Blankets Are Best for Dogs?

The best dog blankets are washable and padded. A fleece liner or a luxurious faux lambskin is perfect the AllPetSolutions Charlie Grey Dog Blanket has a chunky textured knit pattern and an ultra-soft downy underside that you'll want to keep for yourself!

If your dog likes to take chews to their bed or is prone to a little drool, a waterproof dog blanket is straightforward to keep clean.

Can Dogs Feel the Softness of a Blanket?

It's a common misconception that fluffy dogs won't appreciate a soft blanket, but they experience texture through their gentle noses, ears, paw pads and tummies.

Soft blankets replicate the comfort of a maternal den, so a blanket can soothe nervous or anxious dogs, making them feel protected. The Fauna Luxury Check Blanket has a reversible fleece with a soft-touch, padded design for crates, beds or car trips.

What Is the Benefit of a Glow in the Dark Blanket for Dogs?

Our charming Glow in the Dark Fleece Blanket features a pale grey fleece with adorable moons and stars that shine gently in the dark this blanket is great for worried dogs and smaller pups and helps them find their way to the warmth of their bed even in complete darkness.

Clever canines can sense movement and light far better than we can, and the low-light glow means they won't ever lose their blanket or become disorientated (even if we can't see it!).