What is the Best Shampoo for my Dog's Coat?

If you have a dog or a new puppy, then you know that dog grooming is a necessary part of their everyday care. In this blog we have some useful information on our PetHead and other dog products to help you pick the correct puppy or dog shampoo.

What Are The Different Types Of Dog Coats?

  • Smooth – very short and soft, breeds of smooth coats include English springer spaniels, Bull dogs, Doberman.
  • Double – A thick undercoat under a long top coat. Breeds include Husky, Samoyeds, and Malamutes.
  • Wool – soft, curly, wavy or straight. Coat grows continuously. Breeds include Bichon Frise, Poodle and Maltese.
  • Wire – Rough coat with wire texture. Breeds include Border Terrier, Otterhound, West highland terrier.
  • Combination – The combination coat comes from crossing any of the above breeds, which can result in a mixed coat. Breeds include labradoodle and golden doodle.
  • Sensitive – For dogs with allergies, common in white dogs with pink skin.

Why should you groom your dog at home? – It is much cheaper than visiting the dog groomers every month and great to give your dog a quick freshen. There are so many products available for all coat and fur types, great for those mucky pups and dirty dogs that love to play in the mud or swim! Also great for dogs who shed yearly.

So now we have a good idea of what coat type is relevant to your dog we can start looking at products. We currently have a great range of doggy shampoos and sprays by PetHead so we will use these products as examples (many grooming brands have similar products so you can apply accordingly).

What Type of Product Should I Use To Clean My Dog?

De-shedding shampoo

This can be used for all breeds that shed yearly; however for double coated breeds that can shed all year around this is a life saver! Along with a good grooming routine, these shampoos can help reduce shedding. These shampoos typically contain moisturizers and omega fatty acids, these works to hydrate the hair follicle which makes the hair less likely to dry out and drop. It also makes the dead hair easier to brush out after the bath.

Dry, sensitive and puppy shampoo

These shampoos are for dogs with sensitive and dry skin; dogs with allergies will scratch and can leave their skin sore and flaky. These shampoos are great at restoring the skins moisture while working to not irritate the skin.

Shine and conditioning

These shampoos are aimed at all coat types, great for smooth and wire coats. They aim to remove excess shedding hair, and leave the coat soft and smelling great.

For Long and curly coat

These aim to work at softening the coat, this makes the coat easier to brush through which is great for breeds with curly hair that can knot and tangle easily.

Conditioning Sprays

These are ideal for dogs that don’t like to bath, or for that quick freshen that is stress-free. These sprays can also be used to help detangle knots for those wiry breeds and condition the fur so it is silky soft between baths – and they smell great!


These dog shampoos do what they say on the tin! They are great for thick coated breeds that can harbour smell in their coat. This shampoo is also perfect if your dog has been rolling around in the mud or something it shouldn’t be rolling in! Make sure you get a shampoo that will neutralise the odour and not just cover it up. 

General Grooming

With all that washing and conditioning aside, don't forget your dogs nails will need clipping, his furr brushed, and you'll want to ensure your dog has his own towel or drying mat. Check out our full range of groomingessentials here