What is the Best Cat Tower to Buy?

Kitties of all ages love cat scratcher posts and stands - and delight in having somewhere to snooze out of the way of busy feet and other pets! While some felines love to nap in strange places, if they have a snug high up somewhere quiet, it's likely to become their favourite spot fast!

There are a few things to look out for in top quality cat furniture:

  • Durability - cat claws can be demanding, so you need cat stands that will last!
  • Comfort - plush linings, hammocks and fabrics will help your cat relax.
  • Safety - high-quality towers for cats are made with non-toxic, natural fibres.

A lot also depends on your moggie's character, and what sort of cat activity centres you have room for!

Our Small Climbing Centre is perfect for kittens and smaller cats, with a cosy cubbyhole and three ball toys to keep their playful instincts intact.

The Large Cat Tree Tower is excellent for multiple cats or adventurous felines who like some variety in their playtime and sleeping spots!

For a flexible option, the Trixie Hammock is compatible with most scratch posts for cats and can be clipped on wherever your cat feels most comfortable.

How Long Should a Cat Tower Last?

Cat stands come in multiple materials and finishes. While all will be designed to last for several years, if you have a particularly avid scratcher, there is a possibility that the scratch posts will need replacing at some point!

Check out the full range of Cat Towers at AllPetSolutions, including replacement cat scratch posts to ensure you get the best value out of your cat furniture.

If you have a larger kitty, we'd recommend opting for a cat tower with a sturdy, weighted base, or a bigger cat activity centre with plenty of room for playing, roaming and exploring.