What's the Best Cat Bed?

Every feline needs a comfy cocoon to snuggle up in at night - but which is the best cat bed for your kitty?

Let's look at some of our top-rated luxury cat beds, and what sort of fluffy they're best suited to!

Best Cat Beds for Picky Kitties

If your cat likes to change their napping spot regularly, and you find them sprawled in the unlikeliest of places in your home, a 3-in-1 Cat Bed Cube might be the ideal solution!

These handy cat beds have a cloud-soft liner and are multifunctional with three different ways to set them up.

 Best Washable Cat Beds

For adventurous toms or kittens that love to play and explore, a washable cat bed is a must!

Having a cover you can quickly unzip and chuck in the washing machine is a convenient way to eliminate unsavoury smells and spills.

Best Beds for Cold Cats

Many cats like to get as warm as they can (even in the height of summer!), so a radiator cat bed is a perfect option. These hook over any size or shape, and mean that your kitty can sleep safely, in warm comfort.

Microwave Heatpad beds are also a smart solution and ideal for older cats with stiff joints.

How Can I Choose the Right Bed for My Cat?

We'd recommend looking at where your cat likes to sleep. Some prefer a hideaway with a peephole to keep an eye on their family, others prefer to nestle down in a snuggly spot, and others wish to be as high up as possible.

Our ranges are all easy to move around, so you can always try them out in a few different spots in your home to see where your cat feels most at home.

There is a tonne of choices out there! For the complete range, check out the AllPetSolutions Cat Beds Range online.