How to keep your pets safe and healthy in autumn and winter

Autumn brings a new range of things that you should keep an eye out for when it comes to looking after your pets, and a lot of these are easily avoided.  We have some awesome products for your pets that will help push any worries to the side.

Cats and Dogs Safety

As the temperatures plummet your pets seek warmth. Snugglesafe microwave heatpad can be placed under your pet’s cushion or blanket to add extra warmth to their sleeping place.

Cats and dogs aren’t the only ones that love to be cosy and warm in the autumn/winter time. Flea eggs and flea larvae, which may have been quietly hiding in your carpets and furnishings, love when the heating is on. We have a range of dog flea treatments and cat flea treatments that come in a form of tablets and spot on solutions so don’t wait for your pet to itch or scratch before thinking about flea control.

Once winter starts approaching we top up our cars with antifreeze. Make sure you don’t leave any spills on your driveway or garage floor. It’s toxic to cats and dogs if licked and can lead to kidney failure and death.

Cats in Autumn

If you have an outdoor cat, you most likely tend to see them when they want food or some cuddles. The rest of the time they are out and about climbing, playing and exploring the great outdoors! During autumn/winter we would advise that extra precautions are taken.

A reflective cat collar with a funky design not only looks great on your cat but also keeps them more visible to cars. We would recommend having a collar with a quick-release clasp as this will stop your cat getting stuck when out having adventures. 

Another useful feature of all of our All Pet Solution collars is that they come with a bell attached. This will not only serve as a warning for unsuspecting animals but it allows humans to be able to hear them coming and going and also find out if they are hiding in dangerous places such as wheel arch of a car. We always advise you to double-check your car before the journey.

Cat toy

We know colder temperatures means getting warm, cosy and eating more but cat obesity is no joke, especially as it leads to serious health problems like diabetes! If your feline is putting on a little bit too much extra weight you could use toys that promote playing with treats. It will get them running, rolling and jumping around chasing the ball and the treats that are being released from the ball.


Dogs in Autumn

We all know dogs need to be taken for a nice long walk to keep them healthy, and when we go out with them we wrap up with hats, scarves, gloves and a thick coat. However, they do get cold too so don’t forget to wrap them up in a warm dog coat to keep them toasty while they run around.

Reflective dog coat

Our All Pet Solutions waterproof reflective dog coats are great for rainy days keeping water out of their fur so they can enjoy running around even in the rain.

Being visible to cars and other pedestrians is essential when it comes to walking a dog at night. 

Reflective dog collars and reflective dog harnesses mean as cars go by, their headlights will bounce off the reflective material, helping drivers see you in the dark. Our Fauna reflective dog lead can be used around the waist leash making it perfect for morning jogs.

Smaller dogs should always be on a lead. Birds of prey and even seagulls could view them as “food” and can swoop down to try to and grab them.

Paw Butter

Your best friend might also need a bit more grooming. Cold weather causes dogs’ paws to crack. Pet Head Oatmeal Paw Butter soothes and nourishes dry cracked paws and should be used after long autumnal walkies.

We love when dogs enjoy the outdoors and jump around chasing leaves but sometimes they end up sticking their nose into and even eating a variety of things that they shouldn’t. This can be especially dangerous if they ingest slugs and snails carrying the lungworm parasite.

The signs of a lungworm infection include coughing, breathlessness, weight loss, reduced appetite and diarrhoea. If you spot any of these signs get in touch with your vet immediately. To minimise the risk of infection bring your dog’s toys and water bowls indoors as these can all be covered in snail and slug slime.