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Lighting is essential to any garden, and especially one with a pond. For both safety and ambience, the right garden lights can transform your pond. We pride ourselves on our comprehensive range of pond lighting, whether you know that you want energy efficient LED garden lights or you want decorative rock lights, then you’re bound to find what you need with us.

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Tips for Choosing Pond Lighting and Design

Outdoor lights bring a calm, attractive ambience to even small garden spaces, and turn your garden pond into a focal point. As a safety precaution, lighting clearly illuminates water areas to avoid trips and soggy feet and creates a vibrant and dynamic atmosphere.

The AllPetSolutions pond lighting range includes a full complement of colourful submersibles and subtle rock lights to bring your garden to life.

How Can I Use Light for Pond Ambiance?

Whenever combining lighting and water, it is essential to choose the correct halogen lighting or LED lighting that has been specifically designed for this purpose.

One of our most popular products is the Solar Colour Changing Floating Globes. This set of three waterproof colour changing lights are eco-friendly, charge via solar power, and create beautiful rivers of blue, green and pink across the ripples of your pond.

Submersibles are another great option, and our Submersible LED Garden and Pond Lights offers a triple set, including a light sensor and stake.

The smart sensors mean that your lights automatically illuminate in the dark, and multi-coloured bulbs cycle through from underneath the water to deliver a striking effect.

Are underwater lights for Ponds Safe?

Absolutely; underwater pond spotlights are created to be either submersible or to be set out pinpointing your pond as a focal centre. They run on LED spotlights that are entirely safe to use around water and can provide versatile uses.

AllPetSolutions Garden Pond LED Spotlights incorporate stringed 45 LED lighting, with three colour cycles every two seconds for a continually changing landscape.

Another option is the Large Submersible White Pond Spotlights, a budget-friendly option for large ponds and waterscapes, with IPX8 waterproof rating for durability and peace of mind.

Check out our complete AllPondSolutions range of pond lighting online, or get in touch for advice from our water care experts!