Pond Switch Junction Boxes

Pond Switch Junction Boxes

To comply with UK building regulations, no piece of electrical pond equipment is supplied with a fitted moulded plug. As a result, to safely connect your electrical item to the mains power supply, outdoor electrical switch boxes are an essential piece of kit for any pondkeeper.

Matsuko electrical switch boxes are designed to be weatherproof, robust and safe to use in an outdoor environment. Free UK delivery on everything in store.

Browse our range of outdoor junction boxes below:

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    Matsuko Pond Equipment Switch Box Timer + PumpGuard
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    Matsuko Pond Equipment Switch Box Timer
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    Matsuko Pond Equipment Switch Box
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    Heissner Garden Power Box - 40 x 30 x 20 cm
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Why Do Ponds Need an Electrical Junction Box?

It goes without saying that water and electricity aren't the best of friends, so it is critical to keep safety in mind when installing new water features, building a new pond, or upgrading your fish's home to include new pumps, filters and lights!

Weatherproof junction boxes are specifically designed to provide a safe link between your electricity supply and your garden pond, meaning that you have a robust connection that avoids any potential safety hazards.

What Types of Weatherproof Junction Boxes Are There?

The AllPetSolutions team selects each junction box for high performance and unbeatable value.

Here are some of our best selling products and the benefits they offer:

Matsuko's Pond Equipment Switch Timer includes PumpGuard technology to keep your pumps running smoothly, and can cope with five separate devices and pieces of pond equipment simultaneously.

A Pond Equipment Switch Box provides five power lines to have complete control over all your pond electronics. The waterproof construction allows you to manage multiple wired, plugless appliances of up to 1,500 Watts per line.

The Timer Box is another useful tool, with five independent lines, all of which can be individually programmed to switch on and off automatically as required.

Safety Precautions for Safe Pond Electrics Storage

To keep all your cables safely stored, check out our Garden Power Box. The power box is a handy storage box, and with 80 kg capacity, it is perfect for storing cables, lights, filters and cables. 

The lockable lid keeps dangerous chemicals and electronics safe from curious kids, whilst being entirely watertight for year-round use.

For the full range of AllPetSolutions Pond Switch Junction Boxes, visit us online!

We are proud to stock leading electrical junction box brands, including Heissner and Matsuko, to offer you the most significant choice in products and capacities to suit your pond and your budget.