Pond Products from All Pet Solutions

Explore our fantastic range of pond products which includes Pond liners, Filters, Pumps, lights and everything else you will need for your garden pond set up. Free delivery on everything in store.

Why Have a Garden Pond?

Outdoor ponds bring a whole new perspective to your garden. The soothing sounds of water, the abundance of wildlife and a healthy ecosystem can make even small gardens feel like an oasis of calm.

AllPetSolutions are delighted to deliver outstanding pond care products, from the largest of Koi habitats to the smallest of water features.

Having fish in your pond is the ideal way to keep a healthy balance, encouraging better plant life to grow, and more creatures to make your garden their home.

Our ranges include pond air pumps and accessories to keep your water flowing, pond filters to keep out all the nasty’s, and pond filter foams and media to bring new minerals and nutrients to your pond life.

What Do I Need to Create a New Pond?

If you're working on creating your first pond, visit the AllPetSolutions Pond Supplies catalogue for the low down on all the essentials.

We offer everything you need, from the essential starter kit items like pond liners, pond pumps & pond filters to the vital ingredients for happy fish and plants, such as pond fish food and pond lights.

Other essentials include pond UV sterilisers to keep your water fresh and clean, and pond treatments and medications to ensure a healthy balance of pH levels.

We also stock all the spares and replacement parts you need as your pond becomes established, with everything from spare pond UV bulbs to pond switch junction boxes.

Visit us online for inspiration about how to create your perfect habitat, or scroll through our pond supplies categories below:

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