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Are Dog Whistles the Best Way to Train a Dog?

Dog whistles for training are one of the most effective ways to train a dog. Whether you need to stop reactive behaviour quickly with a powerful sound, or are training a dog to perform commands in response to different whistles, this is a simple and effective way to train and stop bad behaviour in dogs of all ages and sizes.

Using a silent whistle for dogs is an excellent choice since the sound is just audible to humans without being ear-splittingly loud! Dogs, however, can hear the silent whistle perfectly, making it ideal for breeds such as Collies who are highly sensitive to noise.

Check out the CLIX Silent Whistle if you are looking to try using dog whistles for training or need a subtle sound that won't disrupt the whole dog park!

How Difficult is it to try Dog Whistles for Training?

While we've all seen the incredibly smart pooches on sheepdog trials, you don't need to be an expert dog handler to start training a dog with a whistle effectively. There are exceptional quality dog training whistles like the CLIX Professional, as well as easy to use options if you're just starting.

The Ancol Constant Frequency Pro Whistle is a great option. With a medium pitch, and a handy lanyard chain so you can keep it to hand, this dog training whistle maintains the same tone, so you don't need to worry about giving the wrong command, or confusing a smart pup!

Does Training a Dog with a Whistle Work on All Breeds?

Super-smart mutts can learn an impressive number of commands and actions through a dog training whistle. However, they're also beneficial for general behaviour correction, and for recalling your dog when they are ten fields over, and you can't quite shout loud enough!

Take a look at the CLIX Referee Whistle - this is an all-round excellent dog whistle and produces a loud and audible sound so you'll capture your pooches’ attention no matter how far away they may be.

For the full range, visit the All Pet Solutions Whistles range, where we are proud to stock the leading dog training whistle brands including CLIX and Ancol.