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Dog Muzzles at All Pet Solutions For pets that need to be kept under closer control, our range of soft dog muzzles give maximum comfort and security. Shop today with confidence and receive fast & free UK delivery.

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When are Muzzles for Dogs Useful?

There are all kinds of situations when a pup might be scared, anxious or nervous and using dog muzzles can avoid any disasters with biting, nipping or chewing.

Muzzles for dogs are safe, gentle and practical, and ideal for dogs struggling with aggression, that suffer from anxiety issues, or tend to bite out of fear if they have any phobias (particularly the vet!).

Some dogs simply don't like socialising, and while they can be loving and gentle pets at home, if you have any worry about biting, then using muzzles for dogs alleviates the stress of managing unpredictable behaviour.

Small muzzles for dogs are also ideal if you are experiencing something new and don't want the concern of not knowing how your pup will react. This includes visits to the countryside where they might encounter new animals, or perhaps that visit to your friends who has the tempting little guinea pigs running around!

Are Dog Muzzles Unkind?

A common misconception is that muzzling a dog is unkind. Still, it can be the safest and easiest way to deal with unwanted behaviour and protects your dog from getting injured or upset in an aggressive encounter.

The Baskerville Ultra Muzzle is an excellent choice in dog muzzles, made from a super-light rubber, so it feels weightless and unrestrictive. With a simple clip connection, you can slip your Baskerville muzzles on and off with ease, and your pup is free to drink, eat treats and pant without any hindrance.

Can You Get Dog Muzzles for Small Breeds?

Small muzzles for dogs come in a range of sizes, so whether you have a nibbling puppy or a giant hound, there is a solution. Baskerville muzzles come in no less than six sizes, from size one suitable for toy breeds right up to size six fitting Danes and Rottweilers.


Take a look at the All Pet Solutions Muzzles range, for the full choice of sizes!