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How Does Dog Clicker Training Work?

Using a training clicker for dogs is an established way to help teach skills and obedience. A clicker for dogs works with both small puppies and older dogs and links certain behaviours with reward.

A dog training clicker is a great way to use positive enforcement to encourage good behaviour, and the distinct clicker noise is something easily distinguishable from other sounds and helps to concentrate your pup's attention at the task in hand.

What Can I Do to Stop my Dog Barking?

Noisy dogs like the sound of their own voice, but this can become problematic if your dog is not responsive to your commands, and you can't stop them from barking loudly - particularly if your neighbours are within earshot!

Choosing a dog training clicker, or working with a product like the Pet Corrector takes the stress out of training, and helps to quickly correct your pup to prevent challenging behaviours from getting out of control.

The Pet Corrector is a dog training system and uses a safe gas spray to distract your dog from whatever is driving them potty! The loud noise and the sudden spray sensation breaks the link between the urge to be reactive and solves all sorts of problems including chasing, stealing and aggression

Is it Easy to Start Using a Training Clicker for Dogs?

Dog trainers around the world rely on dog clickers for training - and learning to use one couldn't be simpler! The Clik-R Training Tool has a handy finger strap so you can take it with you out and about, and includes a free training guide with everything you need to know to get started.

Another option is the CLIX Whizzclick - with a combination whistle and clicker, complete with a training guide, this simple but smart design provides all your training devices on one pocket-sized product.

All Pet Solutions Clickers range contains all the dog clickers for training you will need, and we are delighted to work with leading brands such as CLIX and Company of Animals.