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Stay on top of your precious pup’s eye health with our range of dog eye care products.

Dog eye wipes will soften goo below your pal’s eyes without irritating them while dog eye gel will soothe and relieve dry and irritated eyes.

Tear staining is another common problem for canines. Some breeds such as Poodles and Cocker Spaniels are more susceptible to it. Our range of dog eye care products includes dog tear stain removers to help you with this issue and leave your pup’s eyes nice and clean.

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    Tropiclean Pet Tearless Tear Stain Remover 236ml
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    Beaphar Eye Gel 5ml
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    Johnson's Clean 'n' Safe Eye & Ear Wipes
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    Johnson's Veterinary Diamond Eyes 250ml
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How do I Choose the Right Dog Eye Wipes?

To keep your dog's eyesight pin-sharp, All Pet Solutions stock a carefully selected range of premium eye care products. Dog eye wipes are a simple way to remove dust and dirt from around sensitive eye areas.

Check out the Johnson's Clean & Safe Wipes. In a handy travel pack that you can take with you on the go, these wipes are safe and gentle, suitable for use on all dogs. Don't let the dust ruin a great day out!

Which are the Best Dog Eye Care Products?

Our full range of dog eye care includes reputed brands such as Johnson's and Beaphar, so you can shop with confidence knowing that you are buying the best dog eye care products for your favourite canine.

Dog tear stain remover is great for dogs of any age, and ideal for pale furries or breeds such as Boxers who struggle with furrowed brows (they're not grumpy, really!). Diamond Eyes is suitable even for puppies and is a gentle eye cleaner for dogs that can help clear up minor ailments.

How do I use Eye Drops for Dogs?

If your dog is suffering from eye problems, using eye drops for dogs is a simple way to soothe and relieve irritation, without the stress of a trip to the vets. If you're not sure how to clean dog eyes, our Key Information sections give you handy tips about how to make using eye cleaner for dogs quick and painless!

Beaphar Eye Gel is a hardworking dog eye care product. These eye drops for dogs help with irritation from a vast number of pollutants, and use Vitamin A for relief from itchiness and redness.

Always make sure to use dog eye care products carefully, and if the irritation doesn’t ease, it's always best to take that trip to the vet just in case!