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Cooling Products For Dogs at All Pet Solutions

Dog cooling products are designed to help our canine friends beat the heat during hot summer days. Keep your pup cool and safe with our wide selection of cool mats and vests.

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Why Buy Your Cooling Dog Mat Products from Us?

Learning how to keep dogs cool during the hot summer months can be a challenge, particularly if you are the proud owner of a fluffy pup or a longhaired breed. Dogs can quickly overheat, and keeping them healthy and cool in the heat is made simple with smart, modern solutions. At All Pet Solutions, we have dog cooling apparel made to beat the heat! We will even deliver your purchase free of charge with a same day despatch of 4pm!

How to Keep Dogs Cool?

Our dog cooling products such as cooling vests are ideal for dogs recovering from illness or surgery and protect their delicate skin from harsh direct sunlight to ease any discomfort. In much the same way as an ice pack helps us to recover from bumps, bruises, aches and pains, dog cooling pads and cooling vests do the same for your canine companion.

At All Pet Solutions, we stock a range of cooling dog vests. Every vest is non-toxic, made from super-absorbent PVA, and is breathable to keep your pup’s skin soothed. Cooling vests are reusable and come in a range of sizes from XS to Large. Simply soak the vest in cold water before each use, and top up as needed – no mess, no chemicals and no special solutions needed.

For those pooches that prefer not to be handled, or dislike wearing clothes, our dog cooling mats are a great alternative option. Older dogs who don’t like being fussed over will love lounging on their ice-cold mat to take the heat out of the day, and ease any soreness. Our cooling pads for dogs go up to a size XL (70 x 110cm) for the friendliest giants and are easy to transport to use in the car, line your dog’s bed with, and keep your floor mess-free at home. Gel cooling pads for dogs last up to 3 years, are self-cooling and return to normal temperature after 15-20 minutes of not being used.

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Here at All Pet Solutions, happy pets mean happy owners, and we stock specialist dog products from toys, safety items, training aids, travel solutions and supplements. Our cooling products include own All Pet Solutions brand as well as other well known brands like Scruffs.

If you would like any further information about our dog cooling range, please do not hesitate call us today on 01895 813 000 - 10am - 4pm GMT or open a live chat.