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Cats might be a bit trickier to train than dogs but with the right cat training supplies, it gets a whole lot easier! Whether you're looking for cat training sprays to keep Mr Whiskers away from your favourite sofa or something to encourage him to play with his old toys, we're sure you'll find the right products for your cat training.

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What Are the Essentials in Cat Behaviour Training?

We all love our kitties, and the love and fun they bring. However, cat training is critical to manage unwanted behaviours and restore harmony to your home.

When introducing a new cat to your family, particularly if you have other pets and small children, starting out with cat training straight away is a great way to help your new feline adjust to their new home, and understand the rules.

Remember that cats are intelligent, crafty and sometimes downright cheeky, so if you are struggling with cat behaviour training, it is always wise to consult an expert if your moggie is steadfastly refusing to behave!

All Pet Solutions stock a range of Cat Training & Behaviour products, to help correct any naughty antics and help your kitten know what is out of bounds, and where they are free to be a little wild.

How Does Cat Training Spray Help with Cat Training?

Repellent sprays are a safe, gentle and kind way to correct bad behaviours whereas a treat or snuggle can be a great way of reinforcing positive behaviour!

Check out our Repellent Sprays range, including leading brands such as King Cat. Cat training spray uses all-natural ingredients so is safe to use throughout your home, is non-toxic and uses a scent that cats find unappealing to let them know which areas of your home are cat free.

You can use cat behaviour training to deal with all sorts of antics, including marking, chewing and scratching, so investing some effort in cat training will save a lot of damage! 

Our moggies are super smart, and using a kind cat behaviour training tool avoids any naughtiness from occurring, making sure your kitty feels safe and home, and doesn't get themselves into trouble (too often).