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AllPetSolutions offers a great range of fast acting flea and tick treatments. Whether your cat loves to roam or is a totally laid back housecat they are all prone to fleas. These itchy little jumpers love to hitch a ride on your pet, if left untreated they can infest your home. We offer a range of spot on treatments and sprays which all help prevent fleas and ticks.

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    Johnson's Veterinary 4fleas Cat & Kitten Tablets
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    VetIQ Flea Guard 90 Tablets for Cats & Dogs
    Special Price £10.34
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    Beaphar FIPROtec® Spot-On for Cats
    Special Price £5.84 to £13.49
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    Beaphar Dog & Cat Tick Removal Kit
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    Fipnil Plus Spot-On Flea Drops for Cats
    Special Price £12.14
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    Johnson's 4fleas Spot-On for Large Cats & Kittens over 4kg
    Special Price £7.64
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With so many flea treatments for cats on the market, it can be difficult to decide which is the best treatment for fleas on cats. We understand that different cats prefer different treatments and that it is vital to have the right treatment to effectively banish fleas and ticks for the youngest kittens and the most mature moggies.


All Pet Solutions are delighted to offer top-branded flea treatments for cats from respected brands VetIQ, Johnson’s and Beaphar to give you a comprehensive range of products to choose from.


VetIQ’s Flea Guard is an innovative product; using natural ingredients to deter fleas from thinking your cat’s coat will make a nice new home. These tablets are completely natural, so suitable for moggies who are highly sensitive to abrasive medicines and chemicals, and not only deters pests but contains B vitamins, Zinc, Yeast and Garlic to keep your cat smelling fresh, inhospitable to pesky fleas, and with healthy skin!


Spot on is often regarded as the best flea cat treatment, and we offer spot on cat flea and tick treatments including Beaphar’s FIPROtec and Johnson’s 4Fleas. Which option is best suited to your cat depends on their age, weight, and whether you have several furry friends to treat or one cat who needs their regular de-flea. 


For cats who hate spot on, or have very sensitive skin which reacts badly to chemicals, a deflea tablet might be the best flea cat treatment for them. Johnson’s 4Fleas comes in a tablet form as well as a spot-on and is suitable for kittens from 4 weeks of age and cats up to 11kg. 


Cat flea and tick treatments have the added benefit of not only killing off pests who have taken up residence in your beloved feline’s fluff but also lasts for several weeks to make sure they don’t return. You could consider choosing a household de-flea product to make sure any larvae aren’t left undetected!