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Cat Health Care & Treatments from All Pet Solutions

Keep Mr Whisker’s health on track with our wide range of cat & kitten health care products, from tasty cat grass to munch on to catnip infused dental sticks. And if you’re looking to tackle common cat illnesses such as digestion, worms and anxiety issues, we have a huge range of natural homeopathic cat treatments.

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Look after your cat’s long-term health and happiness with our range of carefully selected cat health products. We know that keeping your kitty in tip-top shape is important and here at All Pet Solutions, we have put together a comprehensive catalogue of cat health care brands and solutions to make sure every moggie has everything they need.


Our selection of supplements for cats includes joint remedies to keep your older cats as sprightly as ever, and delicious meaty vitamin paste to make sure taking their vitamins is never a challenge! The best cat treatments are easy to feed or administer, deliver life-long benefits and act as a preventative to illnesses as well as keeping pesky ailments at bay.


With a full cat eye and ear care range we have everything you need to keep your moggies hearing pin-sharp and their eyes shining bright. Cat’s ears are highly sensitive, so keeping them clean helps them feel their cuddly best all year round. Equally important is cat dental care, especially as they get older and need those fangs healthy to keep chewing, chasing and playing! With innovative products such as Oral Care Water Additive and Organic Catnip Chews, looking after feline teeth has never been easier.


For sensitive kitties and eco-conscious owners, we are proud to stock a range of homoeopathic cat treatments for toxin-free treatments. Natural solutions are ideal for keeping your pet in optimal health. To help keep up with those regular routines, we also offer a wide choice of cat flea treatments and cat de wormers, whether you have an ageing cat or a sprightly kitten! 


All Pet Solutions are delighted to partner with the most respected brands in animal health, and stock products selected from our partners including Johnson’s, HomeoPet and Beaphar. We carefully choose every product we stock and are proud to offer gentle solutions from anxiety relief to premium dental care to have every cat health product available in one place.