Cat Flaps

Cat flaps are a must-have for every feline owner. They give your cat the freedom to go in and out of the house whenever it likes. We offer the best cat doors for your feline friend’s outdoor adventures, including a range of magnetic and microchip cat flaps which are perfect for keeping the neighbourhood cats from getting in. Our selection also includes the leading Staywell cat flap brand.

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Why Does Every Cat Owner Need a Cat Flap?

Having cat flaps in your home is essential to allow independent moggies the freedom to explore, and come and go on their adventures! 

Large cat flaps are ideally suited to bigger breeds, and with our complete range of options, including Staywell cat flaps, there is a solution for every cat!

All Pet Solutions are delighted to offer the best cat flap range, including our range of Microchip Cat Flaps and Magnetic Cat Flaps for the ultimate security and convenience.

What Do You Need to Know to Buy a Cat Flap?

If you would like to help your feline friends to get more exercise, having cat flaps is a great way to encourage them to explore, which is also essential for good feline mental health! 

Particularly if you are out and about during the day, when you buy a cat flap, you take away the worry of not making it home on time and ensure that your kitty can roam as they please.

Our range of Simple Cat Flaps are easy to fit, suitable for all doors and materials, and are tough and durable to cope with the most energetic of cat homes! Each cat flap comes complete with an installation guide, cutting template and all the fittings you need, making it hassle-free!

Cat Flap Extensions are a perfect way to expand the depth of your cat flaps, so even if you have super thick doors or walls, there is no reason your kitties can't still have the freedom to exercise and venture outdoors whenever the urge arises!

Which Cat Flaps Do I Need?

Choosing the best cat flap is made simple, with our comprehensive Cat Flaps range.

For the best solutions, variety of choice and styles, and sizes to suit the tiniest kittens and the biggest of fluffies, check out our catalogue, including top brands such as Staywell.